>Vanilla Oatmeal Cookies

These cookies are so nice and simple.

It’s easy to get swept away in Nutella cookie cups, cookies and cream bars and Oreo chocolate chunk cookies. These things are all super delicious, but sometimes it’s nice to get back down to basics.

This is one of those times.

Although these vanilla oatmeal cookies are simple, they are by no means boring.

They are thick, soft and chewy. They have texture and bite thanks to the finely ground oatmeal inside.

These cookies taste like cookie dough. Like great, chocolate chip cookie dough, only without the chocolate.

You can add any bits and pieces you like to these cookies, such as nuts, chocolate chips, sultanas, coconut or M&Ms. Or you can leave them plain, like I have.

My puppy Coco wanted in on the cookie action too. How could anyone say no to those heartbreaking Labrador eyes?

These vanilla oatmeal cookies are a nice vanilla break from all the chocolate things I have been baking recently. I didn’t eat like a whole tray of them in one day or anything.

I really like them (obviously), and I hope you like them too!

Adapted from Milk and Cookies.

165g unsalted butter, softened (3/4 cup)
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup plain flour
1 1/4 cup rolled oats
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt

Preheat the oven to 180 C and line 2-3 trays with baking paper.

In a blender or food processor, grind up the oats to a fine powder. Set aside.

Using an electric mixer, beat the butter and both sugars until light and creamy. Add the egg and vanilla, mixing well.

On a low speed, beat in the flour, oatmeal, baking soda, baking powder and salt.

Eat some cookie dough.

Drop tablespoons of dough onto the lined baking trays. Bake for 8-10 minutes, until the edges are lightly golden. Makes 32 cookies.

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14 responses to “>Vanilla Oatmeal Cookies

  1. No one I cook for likes oatmeal, so my oatmeal cookie cravings have had to be put aside for the last few years. Maybe the ground-up oatmeal won’t meet the same reaction. Either way, I have to have these; they look so soft and chewy!

  2. Sandi

    You’re killing me here. I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow. Think I should adjust the amount of oat flour a bit if I add some coconut?

  3. Wow!!! Simply mouthwatering. Thanks for sharing us with the recipe. We are loving it.

  4. Michelle

    These are right up my alley…can use use oat bran interchangeably?

  5. Tracy


    Thank you for posting this recipe, o my gosh they were so sweet and yummy I couldnt believe they even had oatmeal, grinding the oatmeal really makes a huge difference. My good friend’s son loves sweets, is 9yrs old, and ate like 4 of them when I brought them to work yesterday. I just made chocolate chip oatmeal and found this recipe on accident but the pictures looked so good I had to try them. They came out just like the pictures too! I used powdered sugar in place of granulated (1c and 1tbsp). Awesome recipe!


    • Hey Tracy!
      I’m so happy to hear you liked them :-)
      And isn’t it amazing with the oats?! They’re totally not like “oatmeal” cookies but it adds a yummy texture to the cookies.
      Thanks for all the great feedback :-)

  6. Lisa

    I *tried* to make these 3 times!
    They just are not turning out good. They are hardly sweet at all. and this last batch was really airy, meaning they softly crumbled like sand in my hand and tasted very floury. I MUST be doing something wrong because they don’t look or taste like everyone else says :(

    • Hey Lisa,
      I’m sad to hear that! Are you following the recipe exactly? Do you have the right amount of butter? Are you beating it well with the sugars? They should be sweet because there’s a cup of sugar in there. Are you putting in too much flour? I can’t see why they would taste floury otherwise. Try weighing your ingredients and following the steps really precisely! Good luck! :-)

  7. Thanks for the recipe, it was just was the family sweet tooth needed on this chilly autumn day. Turned out just as pictured.

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