>Easy Nutella Brownie Cups

So I have found new love.

These delicious, gooey, chocolate-y, Nutella brownie cups. They have only 3 main ingredients. THREE!!!

Nutella, eggs and flour. That’s it. Those three ingredients, together, make Nutella and brownie heaven.

This recipe has become my new go-to, late-night, chocolate, gooey, baked good craving fixer.

They take absolutely no time to make and the fact that such minimal effort and ingredients can result in such deliciousness blows my mind.

These are chewy, and they stay chewy the next day (I’m not sure how they are after that though, because these were all gone within 24 hours). They have a gooey brownie center. They taste like Nutella. And chocolate. And they have a cracked brownie top. And they are EASY.

Oh, yum.

I have to go and make some more. Now.

Adapted from Honey What’s Cooking?, original recipe by Abby Dodge.

1 cup Nutella (280g, 10 oz)
2 eggs
10 tbsp plain flour
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 cup chocolate chips (optional)

Preheat the oven to 180 C and line a 12 hole muffin pan with cupcake liners.

In a medium bowl, mix together the Nutella, eggs, flour and salt until combined.

Divide the batter evenly between the 12 muffin holes. If using, sprinkle each brownie cup with a few chocolate chips.

Bake for 12 minutes. Makes 12 Nutella brownie cups.

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88 responses to “>Easy Nutella Brownie Cups

  1. Mind. Just. Blown. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve made these before and yes, they are amazing!

  3. aaliamb

    these look fantastic!

  4. Wow these look great and easy!!

  5. Ashley

    Do you think peanut butter instead of Nutella would work? Nothing against Nutella I just don’t have any on hand and I want those right now. :)

    • Haha! You know what, I’m not sure – I think Nutella is a little runnier than peanut butter. Why not try them but reduce the flour by a tablespoon or two. Let me know how they turn out!!

  6. Dixie

    I make these all the time, they are a huge hit and at only 3 ingredients cheap and fast.

  7. kate

    I have all the ingredients for these in my house right now and would love to make it…but no cupcake liners. Will they work in a buttered or oil-sprayed non-stick cupcake pan?

  8. I am a Nutella addict! This is too easy…three ingredients?? These look amazing. Thanks for the cool recipe!

  9. Hi, THanks so much for linking to me. These look wonderful, I noticed you switched it up a bit, it’s always fun to try new ideas. :-)

    • Hey, you’re welcome! Thanks for the great recipe, it’s a new favourite and I’ve been making it all the time! I didn’t like the idea of cinnamon in it though, they turned out great with just a little salt!

      • Hi Natasha – Yeah, i didn’t like the idea of cinnamon either, so I replaced it with vanilla extract. you won’t believe this… my name was suppose to be Natasha, and on the way to sign my name, my dad forgot and named me something else with an “N”. Natasha sounds so much hotter. :-)

      • Haha I can’t believe that your dad FORGOT what your name was supposed to be! That’s so funny! SO what did he call you in the end?

  10. kat

    Omigosh fantastic!! Thanks so much for sharing this! :)

  11. how big is a ” cup”?
    like.. the cup i might use to make porridge? (a little traditional teacup), or a mug that i might have hot chocolate in..?

    oh, also: try hot chocolate with a little bit of nutella stirred in – it makes it so much chocolatier.

    • A “cup” is a form of baking measurement, but it holds 250ml of liquid. That is the standard size of most mugs and glasses. So a glass, or standard mug of Nutella would be fine here. Also, 1 cup of Nutella weighs 280 grams, or 10 ounces, if that helps.
      And thanks for the tip! I will definitely try it next time I make hot chocolate!

  12. James

    I made the nutella cupcake brownie and here are my thoughts:

    1. HOLY mother of chocolate, they were incredible tasting AND incredibly easy to make. I swear I felt like a little 6 year old again basking in the warmth of Italy as I took my first bite. Simple delicious outcome. I’m letting them cool town in a plate right now for my Super Bowl party, my family is going to love it.

    2. I cut the recipe in half. I only have one cupcake tin, and I wanted to see what it would taste like but it worked out great! I would love to try these with Italian Nutella someday. Here’s something, I actually used King Arthur Whole Wheat flour and found that they taste so authentic to my own taste.

    3. Took about 14 minutes for mine to cook, recipe was easy enough to stir in the measuring cup believe it or not cause I cut the recipe in half. I double lined the bottom of my cupcake tin with two cupcake molds and the brownies still had a lot of oil on the bottom. I’m not complaining though!

    Thank you so much for this awesome recipe, can’t wait to see what it taste like tomorrow!

    • Hey James!
      I’m happy to hear you like them!
      They are very chocolatey and rich! I have made them about 10 times since this post, with different variations, so stay tuned!
      I usually bake mine only 10 minutes, but I like REALLY underbaked centers :-)
      As for you cutting the recipe in half, that’s funny because the original recipe was only half, but I decided it didn’t make enough nutella goodness so I doubled it!
      Oh, and they are great the next day. And the next day and the next.
      I hope your family like them and that you enjoy your superbowl party!

  13. Tristan

    baking these in the oven right now and can’t wait to taste them! for future, do you think this recipe would work if you put it in a square pan and baked as brownies instead of in the cupcake trays?

    • Hey Tristan, how do you like them? I’m not sure it would work, I think I read that the trick with these is that they are baked small. You could always give it a try and let me know how you go, but you might end up with way overcooked edges and a raw center!

  14. Beth

    Getting ready to make a batch now….the tip of weight on the cup is pure genius(not that I’d ever mind licking the nutella of my fingers after spooning into my measuring cup!)~thanks so much for posting. I found you thru Pinterest~I’m so happy to find others who get giddy at the mere thought of Nutella and are crafty and generous to give me other way to enjoy it

    • Hey Beth, I’m glad to hear you like them and are making them :-)
      The weight measurement helps me not dirty an extra measuring cup!
      I’ve made a whole lot of variations on these ill be posting soon, so stay tuned!

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  19. Patty

    Hi! I was wondering…how many minutes would you suggest for cooking time if I used mini-muffin trays? :)

    • Hi Patty! I’d start with 4-5 minutes and see how you go from there; you want the edges to be set and the center slightly underdone. But you won’t get the deliciously gooey middle with mini ones (and you don’t want to miss out on all that goodness!), so I would stick with the larger ones if you can :-)

  20. liv205

    Catn wait to make these!! Only have a mini muffin tray so hoping they work out. Also thinking of sprinkling them with choc chips and toasted hazelnuts.
    So excited :)

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  22. Nicole

    I totally love the idea of this recipe!
    I was just wondering, are these just the standard size cupcake cups, or are they mini? I can’t tell by the picture.
    Thanks for sharing

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  31. Gina

    Thanks for this recipe- made these yesterday! I took them out at 12 minutes and thought they needed a little more time, ended up leaving them in too long and so they didn’t have a nice center like yours did. But still addictive and it was soo good spooning out the runny nutella and mixing it in the bowl :P

    • Haha Gina I’m glad you liked the batter! Yeah you have to just trust the baking time, they’re no good overbaked! I only leave mine for 10 minutes now because I like a gooey-er center. Try them again!

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  34. tash

    i made a batch of those last night and wanted to share the results.
    first and foremost: thank you for the awesome recipe. it is probably the easiest baking recipe i’ve come across. ever.
    i used a gluten free flour mix (schär brand) and i used a supermarket brand hazelnut spread.
    when i evenly distributed the batter over 12 cupcake cases each was about 3/4 filled. i was a bit concerned this would probably be too much and they’d be quite underdone in the centre, but then i didn’t want to get out a second tray, so…
    i baked them for 12 mins, and when i took them out… they had risen! not massivley but enough to not look brownie-ish anymore. no problem though, i’m not that superficial when i comes to cake.
    unfortunately they also turned out to be not only dense but very dry in texture. BUT they taste amazing. meaning like nutella.
    so: for you gf guys: probably go with 7 or 8 tbsp of flour, no more. any more seems to make them dry and cakey.
    the good news is, while i used too much flour, they still held shape nicely, and weren’t overly crumby. i mean, they were crumbly, but in a good way (as opposed to the gf falling apart tasting chalk kind of way). i might try this recipie like i made it (with “too much” flour) as a base for a fruit jelly cake or something, since it is SO easy and so tasty and it holds shape with gf flour quite well without complicated flour mixtures, gums etc.
    anyway, that was quite a novel i’ve written there…
    thank you, natasha, for posting.

    (btw, my name is also) natascha xx

    • Hey Tash!
      I’m glad you liked the brownies, but am sorry to hear they turned out dry with the gluten free flour :-( that sucks a little because they are supposed to be moist and gooey! It is weird that they rose so much, too. Try baking them for maybe 10 minutes next time with the gluten free flour as well.
      Thanks for the feedback :-)

    • Val

      I used regular plain flour but mine turned out dry and dense too :(

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  36. Valerie

    Hi Natasha!

    I baked these nutella brownies today for a family gathering and they were AMAZING!!!!!! They were so yummy and moist and I could not believe how easy these were to make! My in-laws could not stop eating them and they could not stop raving about how amazing they were! Thank you for this site! Your site is my go-to site for amazing, creative and original recipes!!!!

    • Haha thank you Valerie! That makes me so happy to hear, that the brownies turned out, that you loved them, and all your kind words about my blog! Thanks! :-)

  37. Julie

    Served them hot out of the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Oh yes.

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  42. Nadia

    do you think I could put a ferroro rocher in the middle of the batter and it would turn out nice ?

  43. Emma

    Hi Natasha! A friend of mine sent me a link to your blog.. And I am absolutely in love with your recipe and style!

    I tried these Easy Nutella Brownie Cups today (LOVE!) and I am planning to bring them to a mid-sem class party on Friday. Lol. My class is early in the morning though, and I think these taste great fresh! I was wondering if you’d foresee any problem with me mixing the batter the night before and baking them in the morning? I’m just learning to bake and I don’t know how that could potentially affect the brownies.

    Also, what kind of oven are you using? I’m using a force fan oven. Should I reduce the heat or bake them at 10 mins instead of 12? I baked them at 12 mins today.. They were moist-ish in the middle, but doesn’t look as moist as yours..


    • Hi Emma! I’m glad to hear that you like the blog and the Nutella brownies!
      No I don’t forsee any problems with mixing the batter the night before and leaving it in the fridge overnight. But it is really so easy to mix up, that maybe just mix it in the morning?
      I use a fan forced oven but each one varies, so absolutely you can try baking them for 10. I sometimes even bake mine for 8-9, if I want them really gooey.
      Good luck! Have fun at the class party :-)

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  45. Glenda

    So we bake them at 180? I did for 12 mins and they still don’t look like brownies :(

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  49. Val


    I tried making them but they turned out dry and a little hard before 12mins. Not sure if i preheated my oven for too long cos I let it run until I filled my liners. Am. not sure how long it takes to preheat an oven cos mine is manual :/ or my eggs too small? In Asia, eggs are tiny. lol

    any idea what went wrong? thanks!

    • Hi Val.
      Okay so I typically preheat my oven for the entire time it takes me to make these. About 10 minutes.
      Your eggs should weigh about 50 grams.
      And just try baking them less next time. I sometimes only bake mine for 9 minutes for a really gooey middle. :-) good luck!

  50. Val

    oh! mine also rose a little. Some had cracked tops. IThis is really the simplest recipe so I really wanna get it right x: thanks! I don’t have to beat the eggs beforehand right? I also used regular spoon to stir/whisk. hahah I’m really a noob

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  54. Hey Natasha, Lovely blog you have here. Thanks for the link up to my blog. I’ll start following. :)

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