>Culinary School Photos and an Announcement


Today I’m sharing some photos of the amazing things we made at culinary school!

It was a fantastic experience and I learned such a great deal, I loved it and would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about baking.

It is also the end of an era, so I thought I would pair it with an announcement –

Butter is soon going to be moving to its own website!!!

I will be self-hosting, which is daunting in itself, but I also need to move everything from here over to my new home. Gah.

I am told all of my email subscribers will be coming with me!
But if you are a WordPress.com user and have hit “Follow” to get my updates in your WordPress reader, I will lose you :-( so make sure you subscribe by email to keep following when I make the move!

It’s all very exciting and a bit nerve racking! Enjoy the photos :-)

IMG_1366Above is a vanilla parfait with chocolate garnish.

IMG_1401Semifreddo and brandy snaps.

IMG_1435Chocolate souffles.

IMG_1437Vanilla souffle and strawberry sorbet.

IMG_2233Coconut macaroons.

IMG_2289Bob the stiff sourdough starter. He made so much amazing bread!

IMG_2429Knot rolls.


IMG_2292Lemon macarons.

IMG_2377 IMG_2379  Cold set vanilla cheesecake.

IMG_2458Passionfruit gateaux.

IMG_2571Raspberry delice.

IMG_2602Ice cream trio in an almond tuille coupe.

IMG_2607Marzipan fruits. These killed me.

IMG_2613Honey saffron torte.

IMG_2659Chocolate hazelnut torte (Esterhazy torte).

IMG_2695Mini pavlova.

IMG_2701Marzipan birdhouse and flowers.

IMG_2703Marzipan wheelbarrow filled with fruits and vegetables.

IMG_2705Giant marzipan chocolate chip cookie.

IMG_2708Tiramisu torte.

IMG_2770Chocolate and banana pudding with caramel sauce.

IMG_2771Mini custard filled donuts and creme anglaise.

IMG_2792IMG_2853Cookie monster, cookie jar and cookies made from marzipan.

IMG_2793Chocolate Delice – a brownie, caramel mousse and creme brulee torte. Amazing.

IMG_2841 Passionfruit tart. Probably one of the best things we made.

IMG_2874Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Recipe coming to the blog soon!

IMG_2917Salted caramel macarons. Oh my gosh.

IMG_2918Creme brulee. The best I have ever eaten. This recipe is also coming to the blog soon!

IMG_2922Fruit-filled giant chocolate macarons. Yum!

IMG_2971Chocolate tart, poached pear and vanilla ice cream quenelle.

IMG_9901Delicious fruit danishes!


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28 responses to “>Culinary School Photos and an Announcement

  1. Yay! Congratulations on the move. :) I hope you like it!

    And all those goodies look yummy but hooray for it being done with!

  2. Jennifer Newton

    Every best wish for the coming year Natasha.
    Regards………….Jen N (Mum”s friend ex Peter Mac)

  3. Joy

    I’m moving to self-hosting too in January, bit daunting but exciting! Lovely photos :-)

    • Oh I’m so excited for you! Keep in touch Joy I want to know how you’re finding it and maybe we can help each other out :-) because I totally don’t get any of that IT speak!

      • Joy

        I will do! I totally don’t get any of the IT stuff, am getting a new design and help transferring over, but I really need to learn stuff about ‘backing up’ and preventing spam comments…arrgh! Would be great to help each other :-)

      • Yeah the backing up stuff is definitely interesting… looks to me like we have to pay for everything now, with Vault Press ans Akistmet for the backing up and the spam. Gah! Keep me updated on how you’re going and I’ll do the same!

      • Joy

        Brilliant – looking forward to it!

  4. Roma

    I don’t think I breathed until I got to the last photo….magnificent! Congratulations!

  5. That is awesome news!! I’ve been thinking about self-hosting too, but can’t seem to get myself together to actually do it :) Please let me know your experiences with the transition.

    Wow, those are some amazingly beautiful desserts! The passionfruit tart, OMG…can you post that recipe?? We used to have lots of passionfruit growing on our fence…now we have friends that give us some of theirs :) My mom makes lilikoi (the hawaiian word for passionfruit) butter out of it, so yummy! I love the sweet tart combo.

    Hope you’re having a great day, Natasha!

    • Oh yay! So you know what really happened? I had been thinking about self hosting for ages, but also couldn’t get myself together… and then I woke up yesterday and noticed at the top of my dashboard that the domain butterbaking.com had become available. I took it as a sign and bought it and a year of hosting. I will definitely let you know how the transition goes, I’m mostly nervous about losing my followers and google ranking, but we shall see! But I would say get onto it sooner rather than later, because the bigger your blog and following, the harder it is going to be.

      And thank you :-) the desserts were pretty amazing. That tart was the bomb, I might make it for christmas dessert and post it afterwards :-) definitely a recipe worth sharing. Would be amazing with home-grown passionfruit! And passionfruit butter?! YUM!

      Thanks Maura, hope you have a good day too :-D

  6. Sarndra

    Recipes pleaseeee. Particularly the sourdough starter & bread.

    • Hi Sarndra. I made these a while ago and haven’t taken photos to post recipes! Hopefully I will get around to it but with the blog move it may take a while. The sourdough starter is equal parts flour and water that is fed every few days with equal parts flour and water (throw 3/4 of it out, feed the remaining 1/4).

  7. erin

    oh my gosh! i can’t wait until you share these recipes! (how selfish of me!) everything looks delicious! also, I am excited for you and your move to a self-hosted site.. I’ve been itching to do that myself and am too nervous to take the plunge. let me know how it all goes! any advice would be most welcome!

    • Haha! I will get onto sharing some of them soon, after the Christmas season is over. I will let you know how it goes! Am a little nervous myself so cross your fingers for me! :-)

  8. Anisha

    absolutely wonderful, must have been lot of hard work creating these. look forward to the recipes, please post the recipe for the fruit danishes as well.

  9. Which culinary school did you go to? It is my dream to go to patisserie school once I finish uni!

    • Hi Liz! I went to William Angliss in Melbourne :-) where do you live?

      • I live in little old Adelaide! The only places I can learn patisserie here (that I know of) are Le Cordon Bleu or Tafe! I’m sure there might be others that I haven’t heard of…would you recommend William Angliss? I would love to move to Melbourne :)

      • Oh okay! I would totally recommend William Angliss, but it is technically a tafe, which specialises only in food, hospitality and event management. But Cordon Bleu should be amazing? Go there! :-)

      • The only problem with Cordon Bleu is the price (I think the whole diploma costs about $40,000!!) – but I’m definitely thinking of looking into tafe. Did you do your patisserie course at the same time as uni?

      • I know right! Crazy! You don’t need a diploma though, just a cert 3 or 4. I did my bachelor’s first, but withdrew from one unit and deferred it to avoid paying the full fees for patisserie upfront. Then in second semester of pat I did my final arts unit at the same time, and the whole thing was covered by hecs that way. Make sense?

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